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Is Bad Media Against E-Cigarettes Fair?

Two Sides to the Story

There is a lot of media attention about E-Cigarettes in general – both good and bad.  As more is being discovered about the health risks associated, and as we are seeing statistics like the number of high school students using them DOUBLE in a one short year, we are naturally hearing the bad media more.

It’s important to keep in mind the valid use of E-Cigarettes as a method of quitting smoking – just reading the comments from the public below an article written about the negative effects or negative consequences of E-Cigarette use will quickly enlighten someone to real-life stories of how they have help people kick decade-long smoking habits.

The problem comes, in general terms, from two sources:

  • First, there is a LOT of misuse, and people picking up the vaporizers with the thought that they are safe, harmless and do not affect others.  They are not being used for their original intention of being a transitional tool to quitting altogether – like a patch, or nicotine gum.  They are only replacing cigarettes, and many believe, they are encouraging non-smokers to pick them up as a habit, believing they are not harmful.
  • Second, there is simply not enough research to clearly outline and educate people of the associated risks of long-term use.  What is being discovered is not that positive, and it is hard to grasp why human beings continue to try to force something other than air into their lungs and then try to say it is harmless.  Doesn’t that seem a little counter-intuitive in and of itself?

What is the Bad Media Saying?

After New York City bans the use of Electronic Cigarettes indoors, other states followed their lead.  The research is saying that the emissions of Electronic devices are affecting the air quality, and there is the question of whether people sharing the environment, but not using the vaporizers, are ingesting the vapour passively, as one would ingest second-hand smoke.

University of California researches actually evaluated the manufacturing of five prominent brands of Electronic Cigarettes.  They found faulty construction and quality control issues.  The products did not receive the labelling they were supposed to have – a likely contribution to the mass assumption that the devices are safe, or “only have nicotine”.  There was leakage of some of the cartridges that vaporized the vegetable glycerol, causing the nicotine inside to be accessed by anyone in contact with the device.  Kids and pets were exposed.

Is the Bad Media Fair?

It is fair in the problems that were outlined above are arising out of having the E-Cigarettes prevalent and readily available in the marketplace.  It is said by some that if it actually discouraging smokers to use them as a means to quit smoking – their intended use – then it becomes a hazier question of fairness.

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